Clinical study found that mesenchymal stem cells to be safe and effective for knee osteoarthritis


A recent study was carried out to compare the effectiveness and safety of intra-articular injections of autologous expanded mesenchymal stromal stem cells alone (MSCs), or in combination with platelet-rich plasma (MSCs + PRP), in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Researchers recruited eighteen patients with radiographic symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (Dejour grades II-IV). Patients were randomized to receive intra-articular injections of MSCs or MSCs + PRP.

Interestingly, this study found that the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) improved significantly throughout the 12 months for both groups (p < 0.05).  Moreover, they found no statistically significant differences between the groups with and without PRP.  This means that PRP may not be beneficial in treating knee osteoarthritis. The MSCs group showed significant improvements in the pain, function and daily living activities, and sports and recreational activities subscales (p < 0.05)

These authors concluded that intra-articular injections of expanded MSCs alone or in combination with PRP are safe and have a beneficial effect on symptoms in patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. These results are encouraging and support the recommendation of this minimally invasive procedure in patients with knee osteoarthritis, without requiring hospitalization.

If you or someone you know has interest in regenerative medicine for knee osteoarthritis, make an appointment to see Dr. Ashraf Hanna at the Florida Regenerative Institute.  Dr. Hanna employs the latest regenerative medicine techniques and his patients have experienced drastic improvements in pain and functional endpoints.



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